- Developed Plan for Agricultural Easements Program to protect rural agricultural land in our county, and added agricultural lands to priority list for conservation. 

- Fresh Food Pathways Project - appropriated $920,000 for food security and local food access project that will work with local farmers and food security/ food justice organizations to increase healthy emergency food assistance and food access. 

- Adopted Good Food Purchasing Program for County food procurement, including new Jail Food Contract. This is a third party certification for food procurement that looks at nutrition, local food, sustainability, humane animal treatment, and human rights. 

- Small farm grants - appropriated $200,000 for grants to small farmers to increase local food markets. 

- Agritourism Conference - hosted the first Alachua County Agritourism conference in 2022 and the Florida Agritourism Association Conference in 2023.


- Appropriation of 30% of ½ cent infrastructure surtax for affordable housing. - Appropriation of 2 Million into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. 

- Revising Affordable Housing Advisory Committee for citizen oversight of all affordable housing projects. 

- Inclusionary zoning study and policy changes for more diverse housing optons across the county. 

- Implemented a pilot grant program to invest in Energy Efficiency upgrades for affordable housing rental units.

Land Use and Development and Roads

- Protected the Gateway to the historic town of Micanopy and important Native American heritage sites from commercial development. 

- Protected West End Golf Course from re-zoning and intensive residential and commercial development, and developed new code to ensure property owners manage their landscapes. 

- Developed updates to community outreach requirements in our comp plan and building codes to increase transparency and community input to development. 

- Strengthened tree protections and buffer requirements for several developments - Parks Master Plan allocation of 20% WSPP ½ cent sales tax to fund new park facilities and sites. 

- Developed and Implemented more robust protections for environmental justice in our Comprehensive Plan

Public Safety and County Operations

- Major refocus and commitment to road repair and repaving - Doubled the appropriation of General tax funds to roads, and dedicated 70% of 1/2 cent infrastructure. Estimated total investment starting 2023 - 2032 is $241.9 Million dollars, including roadway repair and repaving, new/updated signals, pedestrian crosswalks and facilities, and major bridge maintenance.

- Prioritized new signaled crosswalks at schools and at midblock crossings for improved pedestrian safety. 

- Construction of New Fire Stations and investment in new fire rescue equipment and vehicles. 

- Expanded Fire Rescue Services to Micanopy. 

- Implemented raises and Kelly Day for Fire Rescue Employees. 

- Implemented raises for all county staff and increased minimum wage to $17/hour. - Implemented paid parental leave for County Staff. 

- Developed County Facilities Master Plan that will optimize efficiency in building use and allow for creative redevelopment of county-owned land downtown for community use. - New Civil Courthouse Complex under construction. 

- New Animal Resources Building in planning stages.

Social Justice

- Implemented free phone calls at the Alachua County Jail. 

- Eliminated all County-initiated jail fees. 

- Developed support for Heirs Property issues, Probate issues, and Estate Planning with a new full time staff person at self help center. 

- Wrote the Alachua County Heirs’ Property and Estate Planning Overview in collaboration with UF Law School as a resource for our community. 

- Collaborated with the Property Appraiser to develop and offer Probate and Estate Planning Summits across the county (have held 4 thus far in Gainesville, Hawthorne and Alachua). 

- Appropriated $500,000 for a new Re-entry Program for those being released from jail/prison to decrease recidivism and provide employment, housing, and mental health support. 

- Appropriated funding for a collaboration with Meridian to create a mental health receiving facility that will reduce arrests and increase access to care and support. 

- Appropriated $1 Million for a collaboration with UF Health and the City of Gainesville to build an Eastside Urgent Care Center to increase access to healthcare in East Gainesville. 

- Developed and appropriated $500,000 for a Community Health Worker Program that provides employment opportunities and increases access and support for health services across the county. 

- Implemented aproximatley $18 Million in federal funding for Emergency Rental Assistance Program for relief to families for Covid-related challenges with rent and utilities. 

- Appropriated and Implemented $1.8 Million in federal funding for Eviction Diversion support, including tennant education and legal support.

Environment and Conservation

- Ensured retention of 80% of the ½ penny WIld Spaces, Public Places sales tax for conservation lands. We now own over 30,000 acres of land, and approximately 30% of land in our county is protected, with a goal of 40% by 2040. 

- Developed and implemented new irrigation codes to reduce water use on lawns and landscapes with board stakeholder input. 

- Advocacy with the state for stricter regulations on permitting water use to protect rivers and springs. 

- Built foundation for a Climate Action Plan for Alachua County. Focus on working with the community collaboratively to gather data, develop benchmarks, and build a Climate Action Plan. Thus far, we have finished Climate Vulnerability Analysis, Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Planning Process. 

- Empower community solar program. 

- Began development of a Sustainable Procurement policy for the county. - Increased funding and staffing for our tree planting and tree protection programs.