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Meet Anna

I am proud to be taking this next step on my path. My experience in program development and administration has given me the skills of managing budgets, handling human resources, facilitating collaborations and conflict resolution, and learning how to be an effective changemaker in large institutional bureaucracy. These talents, combined with my passion and dedication to this community make me ready for the Alachua County Commission and I am excited about the opportunity to serve my community.

I have worked with Anna Prizzia for over 10 years on different projects. She has always been able to bring solutions to issues by linking people together and facilitating community involvement. Anna has always been concerned that everyone’s voice is at the table, not just those who speak the loudest. She has been an asset to our community, and I believe she would serve our county well on the commission.
Jordan Brown

Family Garden

It is time for us to develop a culture of electing leaders who are already tied to the issues that face our communities, doing the advocacy needed to address those issues, and who are already working for solutions!! Anna is just this sort of leader!
Carla Miles

Habitat for Humanity

Anna is an excellent community networker, collaborator, and leader. She is able to communicate thoughtfully and effectively with diverse individuals, organizations, and institutions to help facilitate change. She sees connections and possibilities where others see challenges and works thoughtfully toward solutions.
Melissa DeSa

Working Food

Working Foods’ service has been a huge part of our authentic Thai food truck’s success. We are extremely grateful for Anna Prizzia’s guidance for this wonderful local resource. She knows how to provide helpful services for local entrepreneurs such as ourselves. Thank you, Anna. Eim Thai Food Truck, LLC is glad you helped.

Eim Thai Food Truck



We are hosting volunteer trainings this week, starting Monday eve at 7pm. If you can help get the word out about my campaign and about vote by mail and the Primary August 18, please send me an email ( or a DM and I will send you the details! ...

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As a nation, we celebrate Independence Day because we have been taught that this nation was founded on a principle of freedom for all. However, the truth of our past is that this land was colonized by people - our ancestors - who dehumanized, stole, enslaved and even committed genocide against indigenous peoples from the “New World” and Africa. They used the Doctrine of Discovery as their guide.

As we reflect on the true nature of our past, we must commit to being accountable to our role in it's stronghold on the present - sustaining a legacy of injustice and racism - and commit to changing this for the future.

One of the most important ways we can do this is with our VOTE, and helping others exercise their right to vote too!

We need leaders that are committed to dismantling the systemic racism and injustice built into our laws, institutions, and culture. We need people to stand up and take on the problems borne of oppression as their own. I have been working in the community on education, food access, and economic opportunity for over a decade, and am dedicated to approaching my work through the lens of equity.

This 4th of July, visit to check your voter registration and commit to helping 3 friends do the same. Then, learn more about all the elections coming up and vote Anna Prizzia for Alachua County Commission by August 18th.

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Excited to start our week with an endorsement from Ruth's List Florida! ...

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Today we honor the lives we stole and the freedom from enslavement they received in 1865. We still struggle to build an equitable community that breaks all systems of oppression deeply steeped in the racism and history of slavery. I am proud that our County is committed to Truth and Reconciliation and to hiring an Equity officer. I will work to uphold and expand this commitment if elected - eliminating policies and programs that uphold disparities and focus on ways to dismantle injustice. ...

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I am so proud to announce that my campaign has been endorsed by the Human Rights Council of North Central Florida, especially during Pride Month! ...

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